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ImageJ plugin development

Mark Hiner
Hi Chris,

I'm reposting your discussion from the Talk:Welcome page to the fiji-devel mailing list. The Help page on the wiki has many additional alternatives for discussion if you'd prefer - e.g. the forum. But Talk pages are intended for discussion about the content of the corresponding wiki page itself, and thus their audience is very small (only people who have subscribed to updates to that particular page will see Talk responses).

the instructions on your website for installing the software seems to be only for PCs

Which instructions are you looking at? The Development section of the wiki has many guides with different purposes. They are virtually all intended to be cross-platform, with platform-specific issues noted when relevant. If you point me to the resource you were trying to use though I can try and clarify the instructions.

"...check the "master*" branch..." there is no master branch option anywhere

All ImageJ source code is hosted on GitHub. The "master" branch is Git terminology for the "authoritative" state of code in a repository. A repository can contain other branches, but the "master" branch is intended for general use. For example, if you go to the ImageJ 1.x source on GitHub, you will see that the web UI defaults to showing you the contents on the "master" branch. The Sources page on the wiki documents the structure of source code for ImageJ projects.

ImageJ2 developer
LOCI, UW-Madison

Original post:

>I am trying to develop a plugin in Netbeans for my ImageJ project, but although I can write >the code, when I try a run or debug, the ImageJ menu sometimes doesn't appear, >although the menu bar does appear. When the menu appears, my plugins do not show up >under the Plugins menu even though they contain the required underscore. I use a Mac 13 >inch PowerBook with Retina Display, and the instructions on your website for installing the >software seems to be only for PCs, even though I am on the Mac site, where it says, >"...check the "master*" branch..." there is no master branch option anywhere. I can find no >information on the Internet that gives accurate instructions for us Mac owners. Can >someone help me out? Thanks!

>Chris Coulon, Ph.D.

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